Climate control

Nothing is worse than entering your home only to find that it is an uncomfortable temperature. Shivering in the winter time or sweating in the summer months, a poorly heated or cooled home is unpleasant for you, your family and any guests to your residence. It’s time to move away from old, clunky heating methods and move into the future of residential climate control.

Modern advances in technology now mean that we can heat and/or cool our homes to a higher degree of accuracy and comfort than ever before. Perhaps you have a south facing lounge that is constantly a few degrees colder than the rest of your home, or your bedroom is in the shade of a large tree – a modern climate control system can help to adjust individual rooms to ensure that they are heated more than the rest of your home. The same goes for a room that has sun beating down through its windows – we can help you to keep this room cooled more than others.

A fully automated, intelligent climate control system can help in myriad ways; you can program and customise each room in your home to a different temperature and humidity level. Similarly, you can program your home to various temperatures depending on the day of the week, the month of the year or time of day. These settings are easy to change, and can be overridden with the touch of a button should a different mood strike you.

A fully customisable climate control system is an important part of any intelligently automated home and can provide you and your family with comfort and ease. We here at Digital AV take great pride in helping our clients achieve the climate control that is right for them – contact us today so that we can get started planning your ideal heating and cooling system.

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We are expert communicators, dedicated professionals and we employ only the best board certified engineers, builders and architects to help us create, program, design and install the systems that you have chosen. We are happy to spend time consulting with you and carefully listening to your wants and needs in order to ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations at a cost that is affordable to you.