Motorised blinds & curtains

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Your home’s windows are an important part of your day to day life – they allow you to take a calming gaze out into your garden, they help to control your indoor temperature and they bring much needed light into enclosed rooms and otherwise dark spaces.

Many savvy homeowners are embracing the ability to control their window treatments with a one touch remote or other automated settings by having motorised blinds and curtains installed. This energy saving, convenient and stylish option ensures that you never have to wander from room to room adjusting your natural light again – you can operate all blinds and curtains from the palm of your hand. Don’t want to fuss with the settings on a day to day basis? You can set up an automated timer based on days of the week and time of year to ensure that you always have the lighting conditions and temperature indoors that you prefer. It is easy to program, simple to use and guaranteed to improve the lighting conditions in your home.

The many windows in your home do so much more than provide you with views to the outside world and assist with the lighting and décor of each room – they are also a pivotal component of your home’s heating and cooling system. No matter how efficient your windows are at sealing out the damp and cold, the sheer amount of light that they allow into your home will help to determine and change the temperature indoors. Just as you can control your home’s heating and cooling systems with a remote, you can now operate your motorised blinds and curtains the same way.

This dynamic and modern motorised system is convenient, energy saving and surprisingly affordable. Contact us at Digital AV today to arrange for an in-home consultation with one of our motorised blind and curtain experts. We guarantee quality and ease of installation – contact us today.

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