Home owners

We deal with countless home owners at Digital AV – and they all share one thing in common: they want the best of the best in terms of technology and quality, and they want to get this for the lowest cost possible. We are happy to provide our clientele with affordable yet luxurious bespoke security, climate control, audio and visual systems that will help them live out their wildest dreams.

Perhaps your family is expanding, and you want a greater ability to watch different films and/ or television programs in different parts of your home? Maybe you want the capacity to listen to some smooth jazz in your garden while your teenaged son listens to punk music in the basement and little sister sings along with Dora the Explorer in the lounge? You’re also sure to want the finest in security systems installed in your home in order to keep everyone safe, and a climate control system may be needed to keep each room at a slightly different temperature? As a home owner, these options are all possible with Digital AV. We can design a bespoke system and customised programs in order to make sure every need you have is met and exceeded.

Installing audio, visual, security and climate control systems is not only good for you and your family now – these installations add value to your investment and will increase your selling price immeasurably if and when it comes time to sell. Whether you have just purchased your first home or you have been living in your dream estate for years, the convenience and increased entertainment or security experience that Digital AV’s myriad systems can provide is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and increase the value of your investment.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation or site visit during which we can assess your needs, wants and budgetary concerns. We are industry leaders in designing and installing security and entertainment systems – we look forward to working with you and your family.

Smart tech, in any home or business

We are expert communicators, dedicated professionals and we employ only the best board certified engineers, builders and architects to help us create, program, design and install the systems that you have chosen. We are happy to spend time consulting with you and carefully listening to your wants and needs in order to ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations at a cost that is affordable to you.