Site surveys

At Digital AV, our team of skilled lighting, sound and automation experts are the best in the business. Once you contact us for more information and a potential in home consultation, we will match you up with the best audio or visual engineer suited to your particular needs. 

We believe strongly in bespoke solutions for our clients’ unique needs, and so we never embark upon a project without first making a visit to your home or office in order to assess the space and discuss with you what you would like to have installed. Once we determine your wish list, we can begin to imagine where each of the components will be installed – this helps to ensure that your home is wired for video, sound, security, climate control or lighting in exactly the way that you envision while taking into account the unique facets of your space.

Our site surveys are conducted at a time that is convenient for you, and we will arrive in a professional and courteous punctual manner. After conducting a full survey of your home or office space, we will take accurate measurements and photos to ensure that your designs are perfectly fit to your space.

We listen to you during a site survey. Our skilled team of engineers will listen intently to your needs, hopes and specifications, and they will ask thoughtful questions about how you would like to proceed. Once the site survey is complete, we will then use this information to design and install the hard ware and software that will make your audio, visual and security dreams come true.

Contact the team at Digital AV today in order to get this process started and book your site survey at a time that works best for you. Our courteous customer focus ensures that you are thrilled with the service that you receive, and we aim to conduct a site survey that makes you feel confident and excited about your new installation. 

Smart tech, in any home or business

We are expert communicators, dedicated professionals and we employ only the best board certified engineers, builders and architects to help us create, program, design and install the systems that you have chosen. We are happy to spend time consulting with you and carefully listening to your wants and needs in order to ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations at a cost that is affordable to you.