Design & consultancy

At Digital AV, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ method – we want to ensure that all design, installation and maintenance that we perform for you is unique and catered to your exact specifications. No dream is too wild, no design is too outlandish – if it is possible in the world of sight and sound, we can make it happen.

Our goal is work with you – not simply for you – in order to design your ideal system. Whether you are in the market for a mind blowing sound system linked to every room in your home (and even out in your garden) or you want to ensure your family’s safety with the latest in security system technology, we are here to work with you and make sure that you get exactly what you want.

Digital AV is known for its industry leading design and consultancy capacities – we never soldier ahead without consulting our valuable clients about what it is exactly that they want from their new audio/ visual/ security or climate control system. We may be the technical experts in the field, but you are the expert about what you want for your home or office. We will always treat your ideas with respect and we will make them happen as close to what you specify as possible.

You may not know exactly what you want, and that is not a problem. Part of our design and consultancy process concerns educating you about recent advancements in technology and design, and asking you important questions about your needs, wants and wishes. Even if you do not know any of the names or specificities of the products you want to have installed in your home or office, we will respect your ideas and empower and educate you to take a meaningful role in all audio, visual and security design.

Get started today – call or email Digital AV now and we will begin the process of design and consultancy for the best sight and sound the industry has to offer.

Smart tech, in any home or business

We are expert communicators, dedicated professionals and we employ only the best board certified engineers, builders and architects to help us create, program, design and install the systems that you have chosen. We are happy to spend time consulting with you and carefully listening to your wants and needs in order to ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations at a cost that is affordable to you.