Commercial clients

There are so many facets of building, renovating or managing a commercial setting – security, lighting, sound, climate control and more. Managing each of these systems and ensuring that they work together harmoniously and rarely need servicing is a big task, and while it can seem overwhelming, we are here to help.

At Digital AV we are experts in designing bespoke conference and boardroom solutions for commercial spaces, including office buildings and shop fronts and more. We know that our commercial clients require the most reliable service and products: top quality at affordable prices.

We have a lot of experience in this area, and we know what you are looking for – perhaps you need a state of the art security system complete with motion sensors, CCTV cameras, remote access viewing and auto lock doors. You may also need a heavy duty heating and cooling system that can be controlled by one centralized location, and is able to provide you with multiple functions. Many commercial spaces are also in need of a high quality speaker and audio system that can transmit announcements and/ or music. We are experts at designing, installing and maintaining all of these systems.

Because our commercial clients often purchase products and systems in bulk, we are pleased to provide them with massive discounts and ongoing support. We know that as a commercial site, you need a reliable service provider who can be on site within hours to assess any problems and fix any component that needs repairs, and that is why we are happy to be industry leaders in prompt customer service.

Services and Products Offered to Commercial Clients:

  • Projectors & Projection Screen Systems
  • Wireless Microphone Systems
  • Presentation Solutions
  • Multi-zone Music systems
  • IRS Solutions
  • CCTV Systems
  • Crestron Control
  • WiFi & Broadband Services

Give Digital AV a call or send us an email today, and we can discuss the ways in which our company can be of service for your commercial site audio, visual, security and climate needs.

Smart tech, in any home or business

We are expert communicators, dedicated professionals and we employ only the best board certified engineers, builders and architects to help us create, program, design and install the systems that you have chosen. We are happy to spend time consulting with you and carefully listening to your wants and needs in order to ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations at a cost that is affordable to you.