Multiroom video

Installing a viewing solution that allows you to move from room to room while experiencing unfettered video and sound has never been easier or more affordable – Digital AV is happy to present new, state of the art solutions for your multiroom video requirements.

Are you tired of hearing family members argue over who will use the entertainment room for their personal television choice, video game play or movie preference? Or perhaps you are frustrated by the inability of your current audio visual set up to allow you to move between the different areas of your home? No matter what your concern, a multiroom video system is the perfect solution for anyone who loves film and television.

Multiroom video transforms your home into a seamless viewing platform with your film, television programme or video game simultaneously playing on multiple screens throughout your property – even in a garden or pool setting. Paired with the finest in audio equipment, your multiroom cinema experience will be unparalleled.

A multiroom video system is ideal for anyone who loves to entertain, or anyone who simply loves watching film or television on the highest quality equipment on the market. Installation of the finest in audio and visual equipment in your home can add value to your investment and set your home apart from others on the market. Not to mention, your friends and family will be clamouring to come by and spend a night in!

Whether you fancy simultaneously viewing the same video throughout the house or you want the freedom to allow different users to watch the programme of their choice, a multiroom video system is ideal for families, houses with multiple flatmates or young singles.

Watching the video you want to watch when and where you want to watch it has never been easier – contact Digital AV to make the multiroom video set up you have always wanted a reality. We can assess your unique wants and preferences and get started designing the system that works with your home and your budget. Contact us today! Your audio and visual experience will never be the same again!

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